Rules of Conduct

Rules of Professional Conduct
Accepted by Sworn Affidavit
of Each Applicant
  1. Rules & ConductHe will advertise only in a dignified manner, setting forth in truthful and factual statements the services he is prepared to render for his prospective clients and for the public.
  2. He will strive for correct and increasing knowledge of forestry and the dissemination of his knowledge and will discourage and condemn the spreading of untrue, unfair, and exaggerated statements concerning forestry.
  3. When serving as an expert witness on forestry matters, in a public or private fact-finding proceeding, he will base his testimony on adequate knowledge of the subject matter, and render his opinion on his own honest convictions.
  4. He will refrain from expressing publicly, an opinion on a technical subject, unless he is informed as to the facts relating thereto, and will not distort or withhold data of a substantial or other nature for the purpose of sustaining a point of view.
  5. He will not voluntarily disclose information concerning the business affairs of his principals, clients, or employers which they desire to keep confidential, unless express permission is first obtained.
  6. He will not, without the full knowledge and consent of his principal, client or employer have an interest in any business which may influence his judgment in regard to the work for which he is engaged.
  7. He will not, for the same service, accept compensation of any kind, other than from his principal, client or employer without full disclosure, knowledge and consent of all parties concerned.
  8. He will engage, or advise his principal, client or employer to engage other experts and specialists in forestry and related fields whenever the client’s or employer’s interests would be best served by such actions and will cooperate freely with them in their work.
  9. He will aid in safeguarding against the registration of persons unqualified because of lack of good moral character or of adequate training.
  10. If he has substantial and convincing evidence of unprofessional conduct of a registered forester, he will present the information to the State Board of Registration for Foresters.

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